Selamat datang! Welcome!

We are a small team. Jenny, Rinto, Putu Erni  and Dickie are Indonesian, and Neville is from Australia.

Pastor Coconut was rescued from the Denpasar pet market and is an important part of our team!

Jenny and Rinto are a married couple and are our Balinese based managers.

We are based in the NW of Bali on beachfront land close to the children and orphans we try to help.

If you decide to join us, you will, very quickly become part of their 'family'!

Both were born and grew up in Sumatra. Rinto is a qualified and experienced electrical engineer, having worked overseas in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Jenny is the 'master' of everything creative! She is one of the most loving and personable people we've ever been blessed to know.

Neville spends his time between Bali and Australia. He does some relief teaching in Australia to support us financially and also makes contact with schools and organisations like the Salvation Army who provided us with donations for the kids and their families. All of us share a passion for helping others who aren't as fortunate as us, including inmates in prisons in Bali and Java, especially foreigners who don't have family or friends close by to support them.

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With Bali Boys

Why Indonesia?

I studied Indonesian language and culture while at university. I first visited Bali in 1978!

Probably before you were born!

I have had deep love and respect for the people of Bali since. 


Although seeing so many changes over that time, and many not for the better with the tourist scene in Kuta etc.. it remains a place of very very special people. They have deep respect, are happy and smiling despite their circumstances, have a commitment to their religion, families and friends that I haven’t seen anywhere else in the world.


I volunteered in an orphanage in the NE of Bali for 7 months. It was a life changing experience for me. I became ‘uncle’ or ‘opa’ to 13 children from Bali, Java, Sulawesi and Papua. I drove or rode them to school and kindy, took them to Church on Sundays and the beach that afternoon, did maintenance and built a chicken meat and egg facility for them.


Whilst there, volunteer organisations would send other volunteers to help us. Their help was very much appreciated. 

But what troubled me was, for example, a volunteer ‘business’ in Europe was charging what I thought was very high fees for people to volunteer with them and precious little, if any, of the funds charged went to us at the orphanage.


Basically, the organisation would arrange for the volunteer to be dropped off to us and then leave them on their own. 


I would show them around, organise rosters for them, teach them to drive an old truck to take kids to kindy and school, arrange internet connection for them, shopping in a market, bargaining, health issues to be aware of and on one occasion, take a volunteer who had injured her fingers badly in a machine, to a clinic, then hospital.


Since then, I have a commitment to make a real difference in the lives of impoverished children and families and give an opportunity for volunteers to make a ‘real’ difference in lives here. 

We want the majority of the fees paid by volunteers to be going to the organisation they are helping. Not a business taking, what I would say is, ‘advantage’ of the generosity of you as a volunteer.

So, I left my position in China and decided to set up Kingdom Children Ministry Asia.


With our family home sold in Australia, I had the opportunity to be able to be financially independent to pursue this calling and to provide care and support for volunteers and assist them to help us to help others.


We are not supported by any Church, Government or private organisation in any way. We do work with local Christian people who are already giving their time and efforts to helping children. 

Do you have to be a Christian to join us? Definitely no, but we respect others’ beliefs and values and just ask the same of you.


We are a registered company in Australia.


If you have taken the time to read this to the end, terima kasih (thankyou) and we hope you will join us to help others less fortunate than us.





To volunteer with us, you:

will have a love and respect for children

a desire to make a real difference in their lives & the lives of their families

be open & tolerant of a different culture, climate, food & medical facilities

will be able to provide us with a police check from your country

This is important! 

Look at other volunteer agencies / companies, and few require a police check when volunteering with children. Why? They don’t consider it important? Would you trust your own children, young brothers and sisters, to be in the care of a stranger without a police check?

preferably have an international driver's license*

can provide us with a copy of your travel insurance

have a sense of humour!

* If you want to hire a scooter while here, please try and have the motor cycle component endorsed.

We will look after you as part of our family but if unfortunately you are in an accident, injured, or ill, we will accompany you to hospital but you must have insurance. An emergency evacuation to Australia (very near to Bali) can cost Aud $70,000


Non Negotiable

You need to have travel insurance and if working unsupervised in a project with children, a police check from your country.