We are a small group of 4, living here in Indonesia, just with a heart for kids, who, through no fault of their own, are doing it tough.

You might comment, that many kids in Australia for example, also are in tough conditions and 'doing it tough'.


I guess, the difference for us is that there is no social security safety net in many countries so the children we are trying keep them from begging on the streets of Kuta, crime, pedophiles and prostition to earn money for themselves and their families.


We are not supported in any way from any government, religious and social club. Our funds, initially have come personally from private donations from one of our team and now, three families from Australia.


We want to acknowledge every donation and show what has been accomplished with their support. We make a commitment to keep in touch, personally, with any person, people, family, group, organisation and show them with photos and videos of where their donations are being used. 


I can remember having $35 a month deducted from my bank account monthly from World Vision.... and they do an incredible job worldwide... but we got a couple of letters from a child in Africa and 4 years later....??


What we want, dearly, is any person, group to donate to our cause, that you try and come and visit and see where your donations are helping kids. Our commitment to you then, is to meet you at the airport, take you to your hotel or if you desire, to stay in our 'volunteer' accomodation (not 5* but free for our supporters!) and then take you to any of our, now 4 groups of kids we support (Karangasem x3 and Denpasar x1).


We have then faith, that you will take over that project with support and visits from your family and friends and we can keep moving on to help as many kids here as possible!!


Any donation, of any amount, helps us help kids. Even $10 a month and if we receive 10 of these, we have $100 extra a month. We can supply kids a lot of toiletries, milk etc for this amount.


If you can make a donation, our bank account details are: (please let us know which project you'd like to donate to and we send an acknowledgement and thankyou card from the children you are helping!


Bank : Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Swift Code: CTBAAU2S

BSB: 065 502

Account no. 10426081

Account name: Kingdom Children Ministry Asia


Many thanks to the people below who have already helped us and two have made an ongoing commitment to our kids.


* Jason, Kylie and their sons, from Melbourne, Australia, for being so brave to visit a

very isolated, mountainous village....

and donated their excess clothes and then money for rice, cooking oil, tolietries etc.





Beatrice and Andrew Wytkin from Perth, Australia for a very generous, on going,

financial commitment and wanting to send the 100 odd children we support with

birthday cards and a present!


They have also paid for Hesti's university fees

and towards a washing machine for her family!






*Maree Salzano from Sydney, Australia for on going finanical support and

also for wanting to send our kids birthday cards and a gift.



Victor and Jessica donated every child in Pekarangan village a toothpaste and toothbrush pack and $300 to have an old lady dieing of cancer time in a local hospital before she died.

Katie spent a month with Maria in our slum area project and even travelled to our isolated village in the NE of Bali to see the work being done by our Western Australian High School students.

She raised $1300 for rebuilding partof the slum so we can use it as a classroom.

Thanks so much Katie! Please come back next year!

Six students, Conor, Jack, Jon, Conor, Harry and Gabe from John XXIII College in Perth, Australia, raised over $4000 of funds to build a school building in a very remote village in the NE of Bali. They had to camp, use local bathroom, work in the heat but built wonderful relationships with the children and adults in the village.


Incredible group of young men.