Is KCMA (Kingdom Children Ministry Asia) a registered company?

Yes. We are registered in Australia with ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments Commission. Our ABN (Australian Business Number) is 42747059261. We have a Commonwealth Bank Account in Australia in the name of Kingdom Children Ministry Asia. This is only possible if the business is registered.


Why should I consider volunteering with KCMA and not another company?

Most of the other volunteer agencies are companies that are profit driven. Our aim is to improve the lives of children in impoverished circumstances. In fact, the Foundation was formed from seeing volunteers funds go to an overseas organisation and very little of the fee actually goes to the project volunteers were giving their valuable time to.

Your name, ‘Kingdom Children Ministry Asia’ sounds like it is a religious organisation but I am not a Christian. Do I have to be a Christian to volunteer with you?

We are not supported by any organisation or Church. And no, you don’t need to be a Christian to come and work with us! We have found some amazing Indonesian Christian people here who are helping children in slum areas and in villages, without any support. Orphanages often attract support and volunteers and we support one. Our small, local staff just have a heart for God and for helping others. We decided to start this Foundation to support their work and the projects they are trying to continue and expand.


Why are your fees lower than other volunteer travel companies. 

We don’t have an office, admin staff or expensive overheads.

At the moment, there are only 4 of us in our team. Apart from Neville, the others are local Indonesians. Part of your fee goes towards their salary. Neville is not drawing a salary himself. We are only offering programmes for volunteers in Bali, where we live.


Why volunteer in Bali?

Bali is a beautiful part of Indonesia. The people are so friendly, dedicated to their families and friends and the Hindu background of the majority of the population shows their commitment to their religion. The Hindu festivals are frequent and fascinating.The scenery is spectacular. As mentioned, we are based in the NW of Bali approx 3 hours drive from Denpasar / Kuta / Legian area. Volcanoes, pristine beaches, terraced rice fields and some of the world’s best snorkelling, surfing and scuba diving sites in the world. Many surfing enthusiasts from all over the world come here to surf.If surfing is in your blood, some spectacular beaches to and surf to head to.The food is varied, delicious and cheap!




Again, clothing is very cheap compared to western standards. Sizes are usually small but you can have tailor made clothes and leather shoes for a fraction of the cost you are probably used to paying.


Can I volunteer with a friend, partner or as a group?

Absolutely. We have beacside accommodation for up to12 people.

What is the accommodation like?

Clean, 2 people to a room. Western style toilet. Not air-conditioned but fans are provided. I. Please see the section titled, 'Accommodation for Voluteers'.


Is internet connection available?

We have free wifi in our accommodation.


Is Bali safe for foreign visitors?

We would say, just the same as any other country / city we have lived or worked in. Of course you must be careful with wallets, purses, valuables, shopping in crowded markets.You need to look after yourself. If you visit nightclubs and drink local drinks, take drugs, eat magic mushrooms etc , you are just exposing yourself to huge danger. Indonesia still has the death penalty for drug trafficking. We wouldn’t walk down any dark side street at night on our own, anywhere in the world.

In the villages, crime is almost non existent. If you are riding a motor bike / scooter, it is not without risk, especially of you are an inexperienced rider. The traffic can be mind blowing. We see locals riding from young ages and they wear long pants, jackets, boots, shoes etc. Foreign tourists can be see riding around in shorts, singlets, sandals or barefooted. Of course, if they come off, they are going to be hurt.  Be prepared for ‘Bali Belly’.  We will show you how to minimise the risk though and if you become ill, you will have fluids, cool room and a toilet nearby! Despite medication, we’ve found to let your body rid itself of the bacteria and usually 2-3 days will see you up again! Having said that, many of the foreigners we’ve met here, don’t come down with this nearly as often as used to. Bottled water is everywhere and the locals drink it or filtered water.


Money, ATM’s etc

ATM’s are nearly everywhere (except in the villages). If you have an international facility on your card, access to funds is very convenient. Avoid bringing too much cash as, the same anywhere, if you lose it, it has gone. A card can be cancelled.


Can I volunteer in the orphanage and in the villages?


Is travel insurance provided?

No, but we require you to take this out in your own country and we will take a copy of the certificate and your passport. This is in case we have to get you to a hospital and we can then contact your travel insurance company for you.


Will I be volunteering with others?

This just depends if we have bookings with others at the same time.


What are the working hours and time / days off etc?

This varies. Often on Mondays we go into Kerobokan prison to visit female inmates. Then up to the NW of Bali. Some days you will help us with our 'Mountain' kids then to the orphanage. Other days it could be with our 'Beach' kids.


Can children under to age of 18 volunteer?

We are gearing up to help IB Diploma students (Yr 12 and 13) with their CAS projects. Neville was a Principal of an IB PYP, MYP and DP International School in Nadi in Fiji. Students under the age or 18 can volunteer and take on a project in the orphanage or village. We require written parental permission and consent. We've already had a group of Yr 11 boys from John XX111 College in Perth, Australia  and a Yr 11 student from Townsville inAustralia.


How far in advance should I apply?

For you to apply for a Social / Cultural visa to visit Indonesia, we need to supply you with an invitation letter that you will send with your visa application and passport to an Indonesian embassy in your country. For this reason, you need to apply to us with at least 1 month prior to your planned arrival. The earlier you apply, the better for yourself and us.


What vaccinations would I need to have?

Hepatitis A and B recommended for all. Ask your Doctor if you need a booster.


Polio 1 time booster recommended for any adult traveler who completed the childhood series but never had polio vaccine as an adult

Japanese encephalitis for volunteers who may spend a month or more in rural areas and for short-term volunteers who may spend substantial time outdoors in rural areas, especially after dusk.

Measles, mumps, rubella, 2 doses recommended for all volunteers born after 1956, if not previously given

Tetanus-diphtheria recommended every 10 years


Are there other health issues I need to be aware of? 

Dengue Fever. Transmitted via mosquito bites. There is currently no vaccine for dengue fever, so the best way to prevent catching the infection is to take common sense precautions such as wearing protective clothing, using a mosquito repellent throughout the day. Our accommodation will provide you with mosquito nets over your bed and mosquito coils for later afternoon near your room. All sounds a little serious, and it can be. But very few are infected here but always we have to be cautious in a tropical, rural climate. We don’t drink tap or unfiltered water, nor do the locals. We suggest even brushing your teeth in bottled water. This will be provided in your accommodation. 


Don’t eat food that isn’t freshly cooked.


Protective clothing when riding a scooter / motor bike.

It never ceases to amaze us that visitors to Bali, hire a scooter, often without travel insurance and an international license and ride around semi naked! Locals, ride covered up from the sun but also, if in an accident and you are riding around in shorts, singlet and sandals and hit the bitumen?


Dehydration and sunburn.


You could be coming from a climate that isn’t tropical? Here it is hot all year round (29-33 C) and very humid October - April. You need to drink a lot of water, all day long. We don’t ever even go out without our bottle of water.  If you aren’t visiting the bathroom all day and start suffering headaches, your body is telling you to drink more water.  Often, non Asian people like to return home after travelling with a suntan. If you come here with delicate, pale skin and expose yourself to the sun here, expect to have a painful, red complexion!

What are the meals like?

Fantastic…. Indonesian and local. But if you head off the restaurants in the popular tourist locations, the world is your oyster!


Do I need to speak any Indonesian?

No, but learning simple greetings and ‘thankyou’ etc go a long way to build relationships!


Will KCMA provide me with a reference?



Can you arrange scooter hire for me?

Yes, current local rate is Rp 50,000 per day (Aud$ 5)