If I / we are coming to volunteer and help you, why do you charge any fees at all? We want to volunteer!

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We fully understand this question! and if you provide your own accommodation, meals and transport, of course, we welcome you to join us for not cost!

But if you need us to provide these then we have to cover your costs, which includes:


* Your accommodation and meals.

* We rent one house in Denpasar and have beachfront accommodation in the NW of Bali for our volunteers. You will live with our staff and we have electricity, water, vehicle costs etc to cover.

* If you have a look at our accommodation photos, it is just beautiful! Beachfront, 3* rooms, hot water showers, western toilets, fantastic Indonesian meals, cooking lessons, turtle conservation project, surfing, fishing, mountain hikes with waterfalls and fresh water swimming holes, horse riding, even water buffalo rides!

* Your pickup from the airport and drop off.

* Transporting you or your group to and from the NW of Bali.

* Wages for our local staff

* A local SIM card for your unlocked phone so you have internet access wherever there is telephone coverage

* Free wifi in both of our accommodation sites.

* On your 2 days off a week, help with transporting you to the local places of interest.

* Importantly, we live in the NW of Bali, very few tourists! We have English speaking staff who you will work alongside with. We  don't just drop you off somewhere and wave goodbye and, "see you in a few weeks!"........ we know from personal experience, this happens!

Our Fees  Are: (US$)

Deposit $200 payable when registering with us. This refundable up until one month of your arrival. This can be deducted from the amounts below.

We don't have any minimum or maximum stays, from a day to months! We levy a fee of US$30 / day but for groups and students we will try and lower this. Just email us at kingdomchildrenministryasia@gmail.com to discuss this.









So please contact us for more details. 

If you choose to live with our staff and help them, your fee will cover the following:

Your accommodation and meals 7 days a week unless you head off on your days off.

Meeting you at the airport or your hotel if you have already arrived in Bali and transport to your accommodation

Wages cost for our team who will be looking after you and working with you if you are volunteering in one of our village projects.

Free wifi

24/7 care from our staff. The leader of our group was a volunteer ambulance officer and has current senior first aid and CPR training. Your health and safety is our  number one priority!

We will send you a detailed list of what to bring, what to expect, advice on cultural 'do's and dont's', basic Bahasa and cooking lessons and even take you to local places of interest.


So please contact us with the number of people you are coming with (if not alone) and the details of whether you would like to stay with us or you have your own accommodation etc.


Just on that point, a day visit to a very remote village is a great experience but is more like a 'tourist' visit. The villagers take time to get to know you and if you stay longer, you learn their names, they learn yours and relationships, despite the language barriers, are built.... day by day.


If you have the time, check out the tab on 'Comments from Past Volunteers', and you will read this for yourself.



What else you need to pay for

Flights to and from Bali (If you are arriving from Australia, you will be asked to show your flight out of Bali)

Travel Insurance (this is compulsory with us, having had experience taking volunteers to a hospital) Evacuation costs are huge if you need to get home and are incapacitated.

Costs for an International Driver’s license if you intend to drive a vehicle in Bali. If you want to hire a scooter, make sure your license is endorsed for this and your travel insurance covers scooter accidents. Many don’t automatically cover you for this.


Criminal background check.

Your own spending money, souvenirs and meals when not a work day with us.