With 20 years of International School experience as a Principal, as well as Principal of two schools in South Australia, Neville has been ‘uncle’ to countless new teachers arriving all over the world to the schools in China and Fiji where he was a Principal. His qualifications are M.Ed, Grad. Dip T, B.Ed, Dip. T.


Accommodation, health, culture shock, language barriers, emergency evacuations, he has experienced them all in looking after his staff.


His goal, for you as a potential volunteer is put in place every support possible for you. Internet connection to your unlocked mobile phone as soon as you land at the airport. Contact details of our staff already on the SIM card.


A welcome and information booklet on arrival and as you will be working with us, you will become part of our ‘family’. We will look after you and your family and friends if they want to visit you whilst here.

Jenny and Rinto 

Jenny is originally from Sumatra and now lives in Bali. She is our team leader in Denpasar.

She is a committed Christian lady, has a wonderful sense of humour, loves meeting new people, fantastic chef and our house manager in Denpasar.

Every volunteer we have had loves her, her warmth, hard work and her rapport with children and adults of all ages, cultures, religions and languages!

Rinto is Jenny's partner and joined our team in November 2016. Previously he was living, studying and working in Jakarta.

He has recently graduated as an electrical engineer and is such a blessing to our team! Not only maintenance of our Denpasar house, arranged wifi connection for our volunteers etc but is planning to teach basic electrical skills to older orphans who could then possibly find  work in this area.

We are also looking into him being able to do the same with inmates in Kerobokan prison with the aim of them having employable skills when they are released!

 Pastor Coconut


We think we are one of the only Foundations helping children living in poverty that has a dog as part of the team! Affectionally called 'Pastor Coconut', she has multiple roles!


One of the most important is that when any of our team visits the beach, a restaurant or even just walking the streets.... many tourists stop to pat her (she does look pretty cute!) Then a conversation usually goes along the lines of, "oh she's so cute. You must live here in Indonesia? What do you do?". We then tell them briefly and if they live close to Indonesia, many people then bring 2nd hand clothes, books, toys etc for the children we support! Even two handbags of women's products that the couple who brought them, joined us to visit a lady imprisoned in Kerobokan Prison to give the handbags to them personally.



Foto Sinta.jpg


Sinta joined us in January 2019! She was one of the orphanage's kids we support. When she finished high school she lives with her family in Perancak Jembrana Regency, North West of Bali.


She is now part of our team. She helps Jenny to teach villages kids and also kids in orphanage.