Prison Support Programme

It was never on our 'radar' to offer support for prisoners here in Bali!

What started with an idea to help the teenagers in jail in the Karangasem Prison in the NE of Bali, has developed.


We now support inmates in two prisons in Indonesia. The inmates are mostly from countries other than Indonesia so don't have family or close friends to support them. We try and take in food, drinks, personal needs, give company and support. 

We have taken in quite a few volunteers into the prisons but are very aware that this isn't a 'tourist' site to visit. If you were to join us on one of our visits, it would be with the attitude or what you can give as support. It might to be to commission or buy a painting done by inmates who have learnt painting skills from Myuran Sukarmaran, who set up that programme for example. Or buy some silverware made by inmates who have learnt silverwmith skills from Si Yi Chen, as Australia who is serving a life sentence and has already been imprisoned for 13 years.